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Project Description

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Ball End Retainer


Powertrain component manufacturer for the transportation industry.


This customer came to Allegheny Performance Plastics with an injection molded part that was not passing endurance tests. They needed a solution. And they needed it in time for an important product launch.


Allegheny Performance Plastics engineers and R&D personnel worked with the customer to identify the problem and successfully redesign the failing part.

Prototypes and molds were created in-house. FEA and moldflow simulations were employed to validate design. Tribological testing was used to support prototype design and material selection. Through multiple design iterations and testing, the team was able to pinpoint the correct balance between mechanical strength and cross-sectional thickness.

With the new design validated, Allegheny Performance Plastics handled mold building, injection molding, and inspection.


The part passed the required endurance tests, and the customer was able to move forward with its product launch. At the conclusion of the project, the customer’s product manager stated, “This was the most successful plastics project that I have ever been involved with.”