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Project Description

Needle Bearing


Powertrain component manufacturer for the automotive industry.


The customer came to Allegheny Performance Plastics with an idea for a first-of-its-kind metal to plastic conversion. They had an existing high-cost needle bearing that that had a very large axial thickness. They wanted to improve bearing retention and lower production costs.


Allegheny Performance Plastics met the challenge with in-house tribology data, part design, testing, material selection, and a variety of other in-house services. Key tasks include:

  • Applying tribology test data to support prototype design and select the most appropriate thermoplastic.
  • Validating new designs (axially and radial retention) using finite element analysis.
  • Rapid prototyping: Machined and delivered within three weeks.


Our automotive customer was the first to replace a needle bearing with a solid thermoplastic bearing in this type of application. They also gained significant annual cost savings of $200,000 and an additional $200,000 NRE.