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Project Description

Pinion Washer


Commercial transportation transmission supplier.


An existing Allegheny Performance Plastics customer called, needing assistance that required engineering, manufacturing, and materials expertise to solve an important problem fast.

A bronze washer within a planetary gear set was exhibiting unacceptably high wear rates. The customer needed a timely solution to replace units already in the field and to supply units for future production. They asked Allegheny Performance Plastics if it was possible to convert the bronze washer to a thermoplastic. 


The Allegheny Performance Plastics engineering team got to work to research alternatives. Tribological test data was used to support prototype design and material selection. Prototypes of the new part were machined and delivered within 3 weeks. And, in just 12 weeks, Allegheny Performance Plastics was supplying PPAP-approved production parts at production rates.


Allegheny Performance Plastics successfully replaced bronze with a high-performance thermoplastic, making it possible for the customer to prevent failure of the planetary gear set.