Tip 1: Experience
Published On: July 29th, 2022

Our first tip when choosing a plastics partner is to ask about their experience. Naturally, every job is different, but a high-level comparison can be quite insightful.

Choosing a Plastics Partner: Tip 1

How much do you know about injection molding? If you are looking for a plastics supplier, everyone knows about the necessity of performing a quality audit. But there are a few other things we’ve learned over the years that have helped us identify a good fit between us and a customer, none of which are covered in the scope of a standard quality audit.

Here is the first tip in our series, “Things to Consider When Meeting a Potential Plastics Supplier.”

Tip 1: Ask about their experience.

The first thing we’ve learned is that it’s key to ask your potential supplier for case studies, or specific examples of how they have helped others with situations similar to yours. Naturally, every part and job is different, but at a high-level comparison, you are simply ensuring they have the resources and problem-solving capabilities to solve your problem.

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