Allegheny grows leadership team.
Published On: October 20th, 2022

These changes will ensure the continuity of the existing leadership team and will enhance Allegheny’s ability to provide high performance polymer solutions for new and existing customers.    

Allegheny Performance Plastics® Announces Expansion and Enhancement of Leadership Team

Allegheny Performance Plastics is excited to announce the strategic expansion and evolution of its senior leadership team.  These changes will ensure the continuity of the existing leadership team and will enhance Allegheny’s ability to provide high performance polymer solutions for new and existing customers.    

Greg Shoup, President of Allegheny Performance Plastics and a recognized thought leader in high performance polymers, will transition into a newly created role of Chief Technology Officer.  Greg has been with Allegheny for 25 years.  His deep knowledge of high-performance polymers and the science of injection molding, manufacturing and application development has enabled him to lead Allegheny to significant growth over the past two decades.

In his new role as Chief Technology Officer, Greg will be able to dedicate more time to support customers with technical solutions and lead Allegheny’s talented team of engineers to solve even more complex challenges as the business continues to grow. This new role will allow Greg to utilize his in-depth technical knowledge of plastics and composites to more fully engage with our growing customer base to solve complex material science issues.

“As we continue to grow, I am very excited to have the opportunity to work more closely and share my experience with our talented engineering team,” Greg said. “The end result will be even better support for our customers in delivering solutions for their most demanding applications.”

Robert Stutzman, a 30-year veteran in the plastics industry, joins Allegheny Performance Plastics senior leadership team as President and Chief Executive Officer. Rob’s career in the plastics industry is highlighted by ever increasing responsibilities in engineering, operations, and commercial roles.  Most recently Rob was CEO at Carclo Technical Plastics, where he transformed the company into a global leader in the medical, optics, and electronics applications markets.  Rob’s commitment to providing world class service from development through production is a great match for Allegheny’s experienced and customer-focused management team.  Rob’s vast knowledge of diverse markets and customers will enable Allegheny to bring its high-performance polymer solutions to a variety of new applications. 

“I am excited to join the team and look forward to our many shared successes in the future,” Rob stated. “Allegheny’s advanced technologies, dynamic product range, and enthusiastic work force position us well for future growth and new opportunities.”

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Allegheny Performance Plastics® is redefining what an injection molding partner is for high-tech, high-performance brands. We deliver superior new products thanks to our unique, highly collaborative process.

Since 1936, Allegheny has been a pioneer in working with high-temperature, high-performance, specialty thermoplastics. Today, we are the “go to” high-end injection molder, manufacturer and global supplier of technically advanced functional parts and assemblies, used in products including gears, transmissions and pumps. We mold parts in the aerospace, space and automotive (both EV and traditional) industries, as well as many others. With capabilities that include in-house prototype manufacturing, tool repair and machining, as well as injection-molding high-temperature thermoplastics such as PPS, PEI, PAI, PBI and PEEK, Allegheny is innovating a new, customer-centric process that delivers the right solution for our customers.

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