Tip 7: Assess communication practices
Published On: November 21st, 2022

Here's the next installment of our top 10 tips for choosing a plastics partner. Our recommendation is to determine your potential injection-molder's analytical capabilities, as well as their communication practices.

Choosing a Plastics Partner: Tips 6 & 7

For our next installment of the top 10 tips, we’re adding 6 and 7.

Tip 6: Determine Analytical Capabilities

Tip 6 in our top 10 tip list for choosing your next injection molder is about assessing and determining their analytical capabilities. It’s vital to determine what resources they have available to help solve your problem or launch your product.

Moldflow, FEA, mechanical testing, capillary rheometry, moisture analysis, DSC, and CMM are a few of the capabilities to which they should have access. In some cases, suppliers won’t have all these capabilities inhouse, but a good supplier should have ready access to these capabilities through trusted partners and be willing to manage the analytical process and take ownership of the outcome. 

Tip 7: Assess Communication Practicies

We’re continuing with our top 10 tips for choosing your next #injectionmolding partner with number seven, assessing communication practices. What we mean by this is taking the time to gauge the responsiveness of your supplier candidate.

Is the potential supplier willing to conform to a communication cadence to match your urgency? This could be daily, weekly or bi-weekly depending on the urgency and dynamic nature of the problem being solved. Timely and detailed responses to your communication is a clear indicator that your potential partner respects and prioritizes your project.

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