AMI Injection World Magazine features TPC-IOM
Published On: February 7th, 2023

Thermoplastic Composite Injection Overmolding in the News

This month AMI’s magazine, Injection World, featured our Thermoplastic Composite Injection Overmolding (TPC-IOM) process, and the demonstrator part we developed in partnership with Solvay. The Injection World article is included below. You can also read the article on their free digital copy online, here.

What is TPC-IOM technology? In short, it’s an innovative concept to combine two different material technologies into one hybrid component. The resulting parts would combine the high-strength and stiffness of thermoplastic composites with the high design flexibility and cost-effectiveness of injection overmolding.

At the 2021 fall CAMX show, Gregory Shoup, our Chief Technology Officer, gave a presentation on this new hybrid technology. You can listen to his presentation on our website here, as well as download a white paper and informational pdf. When you visit this page, you can also send Greg a note with your questions, to see if this technology could be a fit for your next project.

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