Alpine Advanced Materials
Published On: February 19th, 2024

We are proud to announce a strategic alliance with Alpine Advanced Materials.

Allegheny Forms Strategic Alliance with Alpine

Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, February 2024: Allegheny Performance Plastics is proud to announce a strategic alliance with Alpine Advanced Materials, a leading expert in the design, prototype and supply of custom-engineered parts. This announcement formalizes the work we have been doing in conjunction with Alpine on their flagship multi-scale reinforced polymer HX5®. Both companies are jointly pursuing opportunities with customers to leverage HX5 and Alpine’s design and prototype expertise with Allegheny’s manufacturing excellence.

“We work with a lot of materials, and HX5 is unique in how it combines the best environmental and surface properties typically associated with amorphous thermoplastics like PEI,” said Rob Stutzman, Allegheny Chief Executive Officer. “With the strength-at-temperature properties typically associated with semi-crystalline materials such as PEEK, HX5 gives the best of both worlds.”

HX5 has been tested and proven against the harshest environments on Earth and was engineered to replace machined aerospace-grade aluminum, allowing parts that are stronger and lighter to increase efficiency and payload capacity for customers.

“Aligning with Allegheny, which sets the standard for the high-end injection molding and manufacturing of technically advanced parts, further streamlines how we can deliver lightweight engineered parts” said David Brantner, chief executive officer of Alpine Advanced Materials. “They are beyond technically capable, fully U.S.-based, highly automated, and are both automotive- and aerospace-qualified, making them an ideal manufacturing partner with the ability to scale.”

About Alpine Advanced Materials:

Alpine Advanced Materials is a leading expert in the design, prototype and supply of custom-engineered parts for the world’s most demanding defense, commercial aerospace, space, and emerging transportation applications. With experience across multiple industries, a collaborative approach, and deep expertise in designing for manufacturing, Alpine delivers the future of innovation.

Alpine’s flagship multi-scale reinforced polymer HX5® offers the strength of aluminum at half the weight with environmental and thermal performance to withstand the harshest environments. For more information, visit

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