1factory offers digital QC solutions.
Published On: May 22nd, 2024

We added 1Factory's Digital Quality Control Solution to our business, allowing us to engage with our customers in real time, and improving both internal and customer communications.

IN THE NEWS: Allegheny Integrates 1factory’s Digital Quality Control Solution

Allegheny has implemented a digital quality control solution by 1factory, to streamline and improve our processes. The move propels us from paper and pen tracking to a fully digital process that helps us deliver quality products while speeding up our quality control processes. The 1factory software has data-sharing capabilities that simplify customer data-reporting, enabling us to conduct real-time collaboration with our customers.

It’s kind of crazy that we have this digital information available on these [part] inspections but then we [were] taking that, creating a hard copy from it and then storing it in a banker’s box”

Greg Shoup, Allegheny Chief Technology Officer

With the new technology, customers can access their own part data. This level of transparency not only builds trust, it also opens the doors to fluid, productive collaboration.

To learn more about 1factory, and their software solutions, visit: 1factory.com/home.html.

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