Engineering & Design With High-Performance Polymers

Allegheny Performance Plastics offers world-class engineering and R&D along with state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities. Through our participation in the RJG Master Molder Program, we have a superior process and engineering knowledge of high and ultra-high-performance polymers. We can work with you to develop high-temperature polymer mold designs and high-performance polymer solutions that produce:

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Cost-savings

Our in-house capabilities make us your one-stop solution for high-performance polymer manufacturing and injection molding. Bring us your ideas, challenges, questions, and your application’s specs. We’ll work with you to find a solution.

In-House Capabilities

R&D/Application Development
We have the facilities, personnel, and experience to solve problems, research solutions, and help develop unique designs for high-performance polymer projects.

Tribology (Friction and Wear of Polymers)
We’re one of the only vendors in the world equipped to do lubricated and dry tribology (friction and wear of polymers) testing in-house. We also have access to an extensive research database compiled through customer-driven testing and our own ongoing research initiatives.

Part Design
You know how your part has to perform. We can help you meet those requirements while optimizing manufacturability. Whether you want to make changes to an existing project or have a brand-new idea, we can help ensure functionality and quality while laying the groundwork for highly efficient, problem-free production.

Material Selection
We have outstanding relationships with all suppliers of high-performance, ultra-high-performance, and engineering-grade polymers. Because of these relationships and our own experience, we can help you select the best material for your part in terms of application requirements and total value. Examples of high-performance, high-temperature polymers include PAI, PBI, PI, PEEK, PPS, and PEI.

Tooling Design
We have the design software, staff, and all necessary manufacturing equipment to create custom molds. Because of our tooling design and program management expertise—as well as our extensive, hands-on manufacturing experience—you can rely on efficient tooling design for even the most complex components and assemblies. This saves time and costs if you’re already short in your engineering department.

Rapid Prototyping
Need a quality prototype fast? No problem. We manufacture and maintain a supply of stock shapes. For more part configurations, we’re equipped to machine functional prototypes on-site. We can also deliver 3D-printed parts as needed.

Process Engineering
We use scientific molding, decoupled processes, and closed-loop controls. We also invest in talent and training. Our team understands process engineering and process management technology and has the practical knowledge to apply it successfully in the real world.

Transfer Tooling Program
Do you have a molder that has been unsuccessful molding high-temperature, high-performance polymers? Some of our most successful programs began as a tool transfer program. We can take existing tooling, facilitate the transfer to our facility, inspect, make repairs, and perform complete verification testing, much like we did for this large outdoor consumer products supplier. For every transfer, we strive to minimize downtime and exceed quality expectations. We understand that every tooling transfer situation is unique, and we are able to meet your demands.

Key elements to success:

    • Initial/Budgetary quotation: Typically made with numerous assumptions because of missing information. Only used to validate economics.
    • Pre-transfer planning: Gather as much information about the tooling, tooling history, program history, and historical quality issues. Our team is willing to do an on-site evaluation (if possible) while the tooling is running and/or being maintained, conducting an evaluation of part quality, and understanding the application requirements by reviewing the assembly.
    • Final proposal: Including final pricing, scenarios for tool work, project timing, buffer inventory requirements, and clarifying requirements for future tool maintenance.
    • Execution.

Find the Right Supplier

Allegheny Performance Plastics supplies custom parts around the world to numerous demanding industries. We provide a wide range of engineering and design services to support our customers. Some of our customer successes include converting a metal rolling element bearing to a high-performance, high-temperature polymer that provided over $200K in annual cost savings, as well as engineering a high-performance polymer large thrust washer that resulted in reduced weight, lower costs, and more.

Engineering and Development Support

Our high-performance polymer solutions have made us a trusted partner to Fortune 500 companies and Tier 1 suppliers.