Commitment to Quality In High-Performance Plastic Components

Internal Process That Meet and Exceed Quality Standards

Allegheny Performance Plastics supplies custom parts around the world and to a wide range of demanding industries. Every customer project benefits from our commitment to quality and our investments in equipment, people, and training. Our team can help you solve quality problems and meet the most stringent standards. Learn more about our problem-solving abilities here.

We have superior knowledge of high- and ultra-high-performance polymers and are relentless problem-solvers. Our internal processes are constantly refined to incorporate new ideas and best-in-class techniques so they can meet the quality standards for high-performance polymers. Our highly technical team can work with you from design to production to ensure quality, performance, and cost improvements.

Quality Certifications

IATF 16949
An ISO technical specification aimed at the development of a quality management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the automotive industry supply chain.
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An aerospace standard based on the ISO 9001 quality system requirements. AS9100 takes the ISO 9001 requirements and supplements them with additional quality system requirements, which are established by the aerospace industry in order to satisfy DOD, NASA and FAA quality requirements.
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ISO 9001
A standard to increase customer satisfaction through the deliverance of quality products and services.
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International Traffic in Arms (ITAR)
ITAR is export control regulations run by the US Government. ITAR is designed to help ensure that defense related technology does not get into the wrong hands.

Six Sigma
The Six Sigma methodology is a key tool for process improvement at Allegheny Performance Plastics. We have certified black belts and green belts on hand to help facilitate execution of the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) principles. The tool is used in problem-solving for product improvement, as well as process improvement. Evidence can be identified in PPM reduction rates, Kanban systems and 5S activities.

Scientific Molding
We use scientific molding, decoupled processes, and closed-loop controls, which help ensure we deliver consistently high-quality parts and implement effective processes.

Torlon® PAI
This standard recognizes processors who have demonstrated their use of best manufacturing practices, following the recommendations defined in our design and processing guidelines.
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Your Source for Polymer Solutions at Every Stage of the Product Life Cycle

Allegheny Performance Plastics has been developing reliable procedures and standardized processes to provide high-performance polymer components. We continuously review and upgrade our operations to ensure they meet the quality standards for high-performance polymers. Our in-house capabilities make us your one-stop source for high-performance polymer solutions. No other molder can offer the level of support we do, whether it’s design or resin selection assistance, prototypes (injection molded or machined), tooling, or customer support.

Achieving the Highest Standards

We can help you solve quality problems and meet the most stringent standards.