In-House High-Performance Plastics Testing and Analysis Services

Data-Backed Advice

Allegheny Performance Plastics maintains a wide array of in-house high-performance polymer testing and analysis services that support multiple industries. We have access to people and equipment (including that for tribology testing) to solve problems, examine parts or materials, and ensure precision in production runs with critical tolerances. Our in-house tribology testing capabilities allow our customers to go from design to prototype to approval to production quickly.

We’re one of the only companies that’s equipped to do friction and wear testing in-house with a dedicated R&D engineer. Our team molds stock shapes that allow us to machine parts for testing or low-volume production, and we have access to an extensive database of friction and wear testing data to support the use of specific resins. We conduct ongoing research to test limits, explore new ideas, and become even better at what we do. We also assist in providing testing/data for proper material selection based on the specific applications our customers are developing.

In-House High-Performance Plastic Testing Capabilities

  • Metrology (tactile, visual, scanning)
  • Capillary rheometer
  • Moisture content analysis
  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
  • Specific gravity (SG)
  • Friction and wear test stand

DSC enables us to identify materials for various properties if a customer has an issue with a current plastic part. It also gives us the ability to ensure that ready-to-ship plastic parts have been appropriately processed and have the correct glass transition temperature.

RJG eDART® Process Control

As pioneers in creating polymer components, part of our high-performance plastic testing and analysis capabilities include the use of RJG sensors. These sensors allow a machine to make adjustments within a certain range. The RJG eDART® process control system is the most powerful process control system for plastic component applications and is essential to ensuring high-quality parts are produced cost-effectively. See how our team included the use of RJG sensors to provide a better final solution in our case study.

We Deliver Service That Makes Working With Us Easy

At Allegheny Performance Plastics, we’re committed to tailoring our skills and capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. Through our high-performance plastic testing and analysis services, we’re able to consistently deliver exceptional parts and solve difficult problems. We approach each project with proven engineering expertise, industry-leading processes and manufacturing techniques, incomparable customer service, and an insatiable curiosity.

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