High-Performance Polymer Case Studies

Reliable High-Performance Polymer Solutions for Many Industries

From fulfilling the demanding quality requirements of the automotive and aerospace industries to producing precision-molded high-temperature polymer components for several general industrial applications, our reliable, high-performance polymer solutions and expertise are relied on by customers to enhance their products and internal workflows.

  • We have a genuine interest in the success of our customers, and our experienced product and research development teams are dedicated to finding the solutions that are right for their specific needs.
  • We utilize world-leading and cutting-edge tribology testing equipment to effectively and efficiently produce functional component parts that meet the exacting demands of our customers.

Our ability to succeed at these challenging tasks enables our customers to reduce costs, weight and space, as well as improve the functional performance of their end products.

Heavy-Duty Truck Ball End Retainer

Wrong material selection lead to this part failing in fatigue testing. APP was called in, identified correct material selection and recommended changes in design to produce a part in record time that passed all testing.

heat sink

Heat Sink

Read about how Allegheny Performance Plastics helped a customer manufacture PPS plastic components to eliminate 100% component level testing through high levels of process control.

bushing segment

Product Design, Engineering and Material Expertise Combine to Eliminate Failure Mode in Transmission Component

Learn how Allegheny Performance Plastics’ automotive plastic injection molding capabilities helped a transmission component supplier eliminate a potential failure mode.

Electric Bus Transmission Washer

Heavy-Duty EV Transmission Pinion Washer Replacement

A Fortune 500 commercial transportation transmission manufacturer converted a bronze pinion washer into a high-performance polymer washer. New Torlon® washer eliminates the high failure rate of the original part, which was wearing out prematurely. There was an added benefit of a significant reduction in NVH.