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Allegheny Performance Plastics develops many proprietary manufacturing and injection molding techniques to fulfill the demanding quality requirements of the automotive industry. We are a trusted partner to our customers, many of whom are the largest automobile Tier I suppliers in the world. 

Our Components Can Withstand High-Temperature Applications

Found in the powertrain and transmission systems of automobiles and off-highway equipment, the vast majority of our engineered high-performance polymer parts can withstand high-temperature applications and were designed to replace metal components. This metal-to-plastic conversion leads to reduced weight, space, and costs, as well as improved: 

  • Wear resistance 
  • Thermal capabilities 
  • Part performance 
  • Longevity

We maintain a wide array of in-house high-performance polymer testing and analysis services that support many industries. Our tribology testing capabilities allow us to go from design to prototype to approval to high-volume production much more rapidly than our competition. We are also one of very few high-performance plastics companies in the world with the capability to do high volume, precision injection molding of Torlon® parts. We supply Tier I and Tier II automotive suppliers with parts for more than 20 automotive platforms.

Your Source for Dependable High-Temperature Polymer Parts

We’ll work with you to meet your specs as well as your standards, timeline, and budget.