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Trusted by many Fortune 500 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers, Allegheny Performance Plastics is recognized internationally as a leading engineer and manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastic components for many demanding industries and applications. Our polymer components are found in critical applications, including auxiliary power units, chemical pumps, electrical systems, transmissions, automotive E-mobility platforms, and more.

These are the industries that benefit from our expertise:

  • Automotive: We develop many proprietary manufacturing and injection molding techniques to improve the performance of automotive industry components.
  • Aerospace: Our high-performance polymer solutions make us your one-stop source for custom aerospace injection molding, machining, and assembly.
  • Energy: Our in-house testing capabilities allow us to design and produce components that will perform to the harsh environments of our customers.
  • General Industrial: We produce precision-molded, high-temperature polymer components for many general industrial applications, such as pumps, compressors, glass handling, and equipment for the chemical processing industry.
  • Defense: Our parts can be found in aircraft fuel systems and electrical systems.
  • Outdoor Power Equipment: We supply parts to manufacturers of outdoor power equipment and outdoor recreational products.

We’re able to serve multiple industries because of our superior knowledge of high- and ultra-high performance polymers (including Torlon®, Aurum®, Ultem®, PBI, PEEK, PI, and PPS) and our ability to match the correct polymer with the appropriate application. No other supplier can offer the same level of high-performance polymers expertise and in-house support.

At Allegheny Performance Plastics, we consistently deliver exceptional parts manufactured from high-performance polymers, solve difficult problems, and approach each project with proven engineering expertise, industry-leading process management, state-of-the-art equipment, and incomparable customer service.

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