High-Performance, High-Temperature Polymer Parts for Your Industry’s Unique Needs

Automation, like the robotic arm pictured, is an important part of our injection-molding work cells. Our technicians are able to improve production times and efficiency.

In order to meet the exact needs of our customers, Allegheny is certified to many industry standards. You can view the current list here.

We are proud to be trusted by many Fortune 500 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers. Our unique 5-step process is focused on a collaborative, innovative manufacturing process. Our expertise in high-performance thermoplastics makes our components ideal for many demanding industries and applications. 

Overview of Industries

  • Aerospace: We have been producing high-performance, high-temperature polymer parts for the commercial and defense aerospace industry for over 35 years. We have more than 300 complex parts and assemblies integrated into the most modern aircraft platforms flying around the world.
  • Defense: We are proud to support our country’s armed forces, national security and defense capabilities. Manufacturing for the defense industry is core to our business.
  • Space: The space industry is one of our most rapidly growing industries. At a high level, the space industry faces some unique challenges and our focus is helping our space customers to improve and resolve these challenges in a collaborative process.
  • E-mobility: Injection molding and E-mobility are a natural fit. Lightweight materials and complex part designs are often required in automotive and charging stations applications.
  • Automotive: Our work in the automotive industry is one of our legacy industries, and we have developed proprietary manufacturing and injection molding techniques to meet the requirements of the industry.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry, with services spanning preventative care, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and support, encompasses many applications that are a natural fit for injection molding high-performance materials.
  • General Industrial: We produce precision-molded, high-temperature polymer components for many general industrial applications, such as pumps, compressors, glass handling, and equipment for the chemical processing industry.

We are able to serve multiple industries because of our superior knowledge of high- and ultra-high performance polymers (including Torlon®, Aurum®, Ultem®, PBI, PEEK, PI, and PPS) and our ability to match the correct polymer with the appropriate application. No other supplier can offer the same level of high-performance polymers expertise and in-house support.

At Allegheny Performance Plastics, we consistently deliver exceptional parts manufactured from high-performance polymers, solve difficult problems, and approach each project with proven engineering expertise, industry-leading process management, state-of-the-art equipment, and incomparable customer service.

Your Source for Dependable High-Temperature Polymer Parts

We’ll work with you to meet your specs as well as your standards, timeline, and budget.