performance plastics for the defense industry

We here at Allegheny honor and thank every branch of our military for their contributions to our continued independence and freedom. We look forward to our continued work in this industry to help support their important work in any way we can.

High-performance, high-temperature polymer parts for demanding applications


We are proud to support our country’s armed forces, national security and defense capabilities. Manufacturing for the defense industry is core to our business. Many defense sectors including: vehicle components, protective gear and equipment, aircraft and aerospace applications, munitions, counter measures, submarine and naval applications have unique applications that require injection molded high temperature high performance components.

The unique challenges in these defense sectors include rapid part development and production. Many of the defense industry applications also require adherence to strict regulations, standard and material specifications. Our focus is to provide our customers in the defense industry with creative part problem-solving within their requirements and time frames. Beyond ISO9001 AS9100, we are ITAR registered and compliant.

The expanded properties of the high-temperature, high performance polymers we specialize in are an excellent fit for many of the applications in the defense industry. Additionally, we are always working to expand our offerings and expertise in material science. One of our new materials technology, thermoplastic composite injection over-molding, TPC-IOM, is the marriage of selectively placed, high-strength thermoplastic composite (TPC) with the efficiency and complex geometry-capability of injection over-molding (IOM). Read our white paper and more about the capabilities of this new technology, here.

Potential Defense Applications

As technology expands and impact our defense capabilities, material science and manufacturing must keep pace. Allegheny is dedicated to exploring these new and exciting applications, which include:

  • Munitions
  • Countermeasures
  • Interior and non-structural aircraft components
  • Drone components and structure
  • Power and electrical management on fixed wing and rotary aircraft
  • Turbine engines
  • Maritime applications

Consider Allegheny for your next defense application, and let our team take you from concept to succes