E-mobility is a global industry, and interest is growing. Injection molding has the potential to be an efficient part of the manufacturing process for these vehicles, commercial and home charging stations.

High-performance, high-temperature polymer parts for demanding applications


As the e-mobility industry evolves, engineers and developers need inventive manufacturing partners to help find innovative solutions for complex part problems. At Allegheny, we have worked with high-performance polymers for decades and we use our expertise to move your part from design to production as rapidly as possible. Our suggestions can include design-for-plastic modifications, or material suggestions to ensure your part meets specifications. Learn more about our five-step manufacturing process here.

The Evolution of the E-Mobility Market

The e-mobility industry emerged in the late 20th century, as environmental pollution and dependence on fossil fuels garnered increasing mainstream concern. The evolution of these early electric vehicles was largely centered around, and limited by, the energy storage capacity of the batteries. As battery technology expands the viability of these vehicles increases.

Today, automotive manufacturers have responded to the global government support and policy initiatives driving the adoption of electric vehicles by introducing a growing number of different models across various vehicle segments.

One of the most crucial supporting technologies to electric vehicles are charging stations – to alleviate range anxiety. As vehicle efficiency and overall performance increase, adoption of these vehicles is expected to increase as well.

The Potential of Injection Molding and E-Mobility

The lightweight properties of injection-molded parts are an enabling solution for electric vehicles. The efficiency and range of these vehicles can be enhanced by the use of lightweight materials. Injection molding high-performance plastics also allows for the complex part designs often required in automotive and charging station applications.

Potential E-Mobility Applications:

  • Battery components
  • Charging infrastructure
    • Housings
    • Covers
    • Connectors
    • Plugs
    • Sockets
    • Housings
    • Electronic enclosures
    • Control units
    • Sensors
    • Power distribution systems
  • Motor components
  • Thermal management systems

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