Advancements in procedures and treatments in the healthcare industry require advanced components to implement. At Allegheny we focus on precision injection molding, to deliver high-quality parts efficiently. For your next healthcare part, find out how Allegheny can partner with you to move you from concept to manufacturing.

High-performance, high-temperature polymer parts for demanding applications


The healthcare industry, with services spanning preventative care, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and support, encompasses many applications that are a natural fit for injection molding high-performance materials. Medical applications require precise and consistent production to ensure the reliability of devices. Allegheny’s high-precision injection-molding process produces parts that adhere consistently to very tight tolerances. You can learn more about our five-step manufacturing process here.

At Allegheny, we’re dedicated to meeting the growing needs of the healthcare industry. Manufacturing parts for Space applications has prepared us to meet many of the same needs for the healthcare industry, consistent, clean parts in critical applications. We have both white room and clean room environments. Our production floor is changing too, with the addition of an automated healthcare production work cell. Allegheny is dedicated to ensuring that the high-performance materials we work with are available for the growing number of applications in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Applications

From high-performance polycarbonates to PPSU to PEEK, the materials we use are uniquely suited to a variety of healthcare applications. Our precision components adhere to extremely tight tolerances in a range of materials. Here are a few of the suitable applications:

  • Orthopedic applications and implantables
  • Surgical components
  • Oncology care
  • Laboratory disposables
  • Drug delivery and administration
  • Respiratory

To learn more about our launch into the healthcare sector, review our press release here. We look forward to speaking with you, and hearing more about your healthcare part needs. To reach us, just complete the contact us form, and we’ll get back to you shortly!