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The space industry is one of our most rapidly growing industries. At a high level, the space industry faces some unique challenges that include: improving payload efficiency via light-weighting, component and material reliability in a harsh environment, and the need for an enabling, rapid, iterative part development process. Our focus is helping our space customers to improve and resolve these challenges in a collaborative process.

Our unique process will move you from concept to success. Learn more about our unique process here.

We’ve recently added part cleaning capabilities, to meet critical to cleanliness space part requirements, as well as increased our capability to manufacture parts for space applications.

Many of the thermoplastic materials we have expertise in are uniquely suitable for space applications. The properties of these polymers, which include PEEK, PPS, LCP, PEI, HX5, PPSU, include low off-gassing, low density (Sg = 1.4 – 1.7), broad temperature capability from cryogenic to 280°C. Most of these polymers are also inherently UV resistant. The mechanical properties of these polymers can be fine-tuned to your application, including electrically or thermally conductive properties when needed. Our expertise allows us to make material and design-for-manufacturability recommendations for you, specific to your application. Learn more about our materials here.

We’re developing a new materials technology, TPC-IOM, which is a natural fit for the space industry. TPC-IOM, or thermoplastic composite injection over-molding, is the marriage of selectively placed, high-strength thermoplastic composite (TPC) with the efficiently and complex geometry-capability of injection over-molding (IOM). Read our white paper and more about the capabilities of this new technology, here.

Keystone Space Collaborative

We are a proud member of the Keystone Space Collaborative: building bridges, breaking barriers. You can read more about Allegheny in Space on our blog post here. To date, we have manufactured more than 40,000 critical to function parts that are now in space!

Potential Space Applications

  • Structural components to replace aluminum
  • Lens holders
  • Actuators
  • Waveguides
  • Radomes
  • Heat Sinks
  • Housings including EMI-shielding

Read more about our capabilities below:

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Tool Manufacturing

Our internal tool shop is purpose built to support maintenance of production tooling, grooming / tuning of development projects as well as new tool builds. Having an internal tool shop allows us to control critical timelines throughout your project and prevent untimely production interruptions during the tool’s lifecycle.

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Automated Process Control

One of the biggest challenges in the space industry is reliability. Our automated system addresses this concern very specifically at moderate to high-volume manufacturing via process control. Our engineers and technicians, which include master molders, are specifically equipped and trained in scientific molding to build reliability into our process.

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We have full-scale CNC machining capability to produce low volume prototypes up to production volumes. This allows us to provide cost-effective, machined prototypes and the ability to meet tight tolerances that cannot be met with traditional injection-molding processes.

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Full scale internal metrology and analytical capabilities include: CMMs, optical inspection, melt plastometer and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). This array of capabilities ensures we deliver world-class quality components.