Our Process

We are unlike any other injection molders you may know. From our expertise in high-performance materials, to our unique development and delivery process, we work collaboratively to compress timelines and help deliver superior new products. All of which redefines what it means to work with an injection molder. That’s why so many high-tech, high-performance manufacturers count on us as their development and manufacturing partner.

When you work with us, you’ll discover our unique 5-step process. It’s what makes us, us – and what ensures you get your part across the finish line.


In the Discovery phase, we gather everything needed to make the project successful. With you, we review the history of the component, what you’ve tried and the results, budget and timing requirements, and the component’s application, critical functionality, key requirements, and the conditions that the component is exposed to (i.e. temperature, chemical, loading, UV, friction, wear, etc). This meeting can occur within 24 hours of initial contact if needed.


In this phase, we analyze the problem’s root cause(s), from polymer material selection to dimensional capability to defects introduced by manufacturing.  We share our findings, and work with you to explore opportunities such as cost reduction ideas and part (assembly) consolidation. This phase typically takes 1 week, and results in a SOW, refined budgetary costs, and project timing.


This phase is comprised of three parallel paths: component design, tooling design, and manufacturing process design. We analyze risk and if necessary, develop alternative designs as options for the prototype/testing phase. At the completion of this phase, we’ll have a joint design used for prototype manufacturing and test plan.


This phase is focused on achieving the optimal blend of expediency, durability and your part quantity requirements. We will offer machining, soft tool and “pull ahead” production tooling for prototype manufacturing. The deliverable is high quality prototype parts suitable for testing.


In Production, we manage all aspects of the project – tool building, process development, component qualification to specifications, and hand over to rate manufacturing – with a cross functional launch team.  In the event of tight timelines, all aspects of the launch are expedited.

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What Our Customers are Saying About Their Experience

[We] struggled with [molding] this product for over a year. We had numerous defects, we had a very high scrap rate. Finally we said, we need to go find somebody that knows how to do this. We went on a search… and visited all four of those molders [we had found to learn more.]  ..I can tell you that [I walked in and] was very impressed with what I saw at Allegheny from a process control standpoint. We went out on the shop floor and I saw [the] molding machines…

We started talking about the tooling transfer tooling, they were open and honest and upfront. They made [material] recommendations specific [our application], [and they had both] the technical expertise and capacity.

Multi-Billion Dollar Manufacturer of High-Tech Consumer Products

What Our Channel Partners are Saying About Us

Allegheny..is underestimated. A customer [needs to be] inside their shop to really understand the level of sophistication that they can bring to an application development… They have the right staff [and] they work together.

[They] do the testing and the prototype development in house, it allows [them] to meet those kinds of timeframes when others can’t.

Global Chemical Company Leader Supplying High-Temp, High-Performance Polymers