Torlon® Polyamide-Imide (PAI)

Torlon®: The Problem-Solver

Torlon® polyamide-imide (PAI) is a polymer designed to perform exceptionally well in the harshest conditions. Torlon is a Syensqo product, and is unique because it:

  • Maintains strength and stiffness up to 280°C (536°F)
  • Has unsurpassed friction and wear performance at high speeds
  • Has low creep and high stiffness

You can view a complete list, and read more about each of Torlon’s properties, on Syensqo’s website here. These properties allow Torlon to perform in environments that are simply too harsh for other thermoplastics. We like to call Torlon a problem-solver for this very reason, because it excels where other thermoplastics fail. It’s properties make it an excellent fit for the automobile, general industrial and aerospace markets.

Allegheny is proud to be an approved injection-molder of Torlon. You can visit Syensqo’s website to learn more about the properties of Torlon PAI, as well as applications and technical data sheets, SDS and more.

Manufacturing with Torlon

Manufacturing parts with Torlon can be accomplished three ways:

  • Stock shapes for machining prototypes
  • Machining parts
  • Injection-molding parts

Allegheny regards all three as core competencies and actively supports volumes from a single prototype piece up to millions of production pieces annually. We manufacture high volume parts that are all injection-molded, and we also manufacture parts that are more complex and require machining after being molded. We have the largest Torlon-part manufacturing infrastructure in North America, along with the decades of employee expertise required to ensure that your part will be in excellent hands.

Torlon is technically a thermoset polymer, which are not commonly injection-molded. This means that every step of the manufacturing process is an exact science. Torlon parts that have been injection-molded require an extended post-curing process, for example. Click on one of the Torlon parts below to read a case study and learn more.

teal colored double quote

We had a severe wear problem…we were getting so close to production…and in just a month-long period [of working with Allegheny] we were in the prototype phase of a solution part…The product itself, out of the gate, worked beautifully. The wear problem was like flipping a switch and it just turned the wear off. It was night and day for us. We couldn’t wear the samples Allegheny provided.

[Allegheny excelled] at all around communication and support. And then the product itself was just stellar.

Engineer, Tier 2 Automotive Company

This Electric Vehicle washer was a rapid solution to a failed metal coated washer, due to excessive wear and tear.