What is TPC-IOM?

TPC-IOM, or Thermoplastic Composite Injection Overmolding is an innovative solution to combine two different material technologies into one hybrid component. The resulting part, like the demonstrator part pictured above, combines the benefits from the high strength and stiffness of thermoplastic composites, with the high design flexibility and cost effectiveness of injection molding. The result is best-in-class total cost of ownership.

Allegheny Performance Plastics teamed up with Solvay to pioneer some of this technology. Solvay’s polymer product expertise and our injection-molding experience were deployed to manufacture a demonstrator part. The results of this joint work were published in a technical paper which you can download below. Along with that, you also have the option to download a summary one-page pdf. We jointly gave a webinar at CAMX in 2021, entitled: “The New Hybrid Technology: Thermoplastic composite injection overmolding.” You can view the webinar to the right.

TPC-IOM technology will become relevant for a huge number of applications in demanding environments. To learn more about how this technology might work for you, contact us using the form below.

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Greg Shoup (l), President of Allegheny Performance Plastics along with Trevor McCrea from Solvay, presented at CAMX in 2021. Fill out the form to send Greg a message with all your TPC-IOM questions.

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