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Here at Allegheny Performance Plastics we’ve helped new customers get their projects back on track for the past 15 years. About 80% of our new customers come to us with a “fatal to their project” problem with a plastic component, so we have a comprehensive understanding of what can go wrong.

Most companies will conduct an introductory call with prospective suppliers to introduce the problem technically, which will typically include some high-level commercial conversation, followed by a formal supplier quality audit, usually conducted by a SQE or SDE.  We have observed best-in-class outcomes selecting new suppliers when there is an in-depth audit by the commercial, program management and engineering team that is impacted firsthand by the performance issue performed before the formal quality audit.  We have observed in many cases that a standard QMS audit, while critical, does not always satisfy the commercial, project management and engineering concerns. These concerns include working relationships, communication, resource allocation, and technical competency.

To help you navigate this decision, we’ve put together a “10 Question” Checklist. It’s our hope that it will help you better observe, and ask all the right questions, so you end up in a plastics supplier relationship that will last for decades. Topics include:

  • How to navigate a tight timeframe
  • Considering all aspects of production
  • The pitfalls of outsourcing overseas

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