Transmission Component

Project Details

Application: One-way clutch

Material: Torlon®

Customer: Automotive transmission component supplier

Industry: Automotive

Timeline: Customer needed an immediate solution to validate test components at OEM

The Objective

Reduce friction on a very high-speed surface, validate proposed solution via customer and OEM testing and minimize cost because the component was added to the assembly after the original budget.

The Challenge

The current design was metal on metal friction at relatively low velocities which, on previous applications, had never been a friction interface due to low operating speeds. The customer had just replicated a previous design and tested it, and it failed testing due to high levels of friction. It was determined during testing that the increased speed was creating the high levels of friction.

Traditionally, this component operated at relatively low velocities, which allowed for adequately low friction on a metal to metal friction interface. The design requirements required an increase in velocity of nearly 200%. The higher velocity requirement caused a failure in testing on the metal on metal friction interface, requiring a bushing made from a low coefficient of friction material, which could be tested quickly at a reasonable price.

The Solution

We immediately began working with the customer on an appropriate design. The friction interface area was a rather large diameter that could not be injection molded costeffectively with a high-performance material. Due to producibility and cost, we suggested making smaller arc segments, which not only helped bring down the cost but also speed up the development time for the project.

After qualifying that we could make a cost-effective component, we used our experience and tribology test stand data to help the customer select an appropriate material for the application and to design the correct friction interface to promote cooling and hydrodynamic lift with the fluid, which was already available in their system.